“Whether you rent or own, you need insurance.”

Scott Pape knows the importance of insurance. He and his family lost everything to a bushfire in 2014. Fortunately they had enough insurance to cover them.

But 1 in 2 Victorians * don’t have insurance – or don’t have enough.

Think about the replacement cost of every single thing you own. It really adds up. That’s why you should take out insurance – with the right level of cover. Use the handy 3-step guide below and watch Scott’s video. You might find that protecting your possessions is cheaper than you think.

Download and read 'Insure it. It's worth it' video transcript (.docx, 25KB)

Scott Pape's real life disaster stories

Download and read 'Insure it, it's worth it - Marcus's story' video transcript (.docx, 25KB)